Star temple orakelkort

305 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Den här orakelkortleken är magisk! Den tar dig till en annan värld och guidar dig med dess fina bildspråk och beskrivande texter. 

Innehåller 44 kort och en 104-sidig guidebok. Boken och korten är på engelska.

"Embody your sacred feminine powers and receive interstellar guidance with this glistening oracle from author, speaker and intuitive coach Suzy Cherub. The ancient wisdom of the Pleiades is weaved together with present-day mysticism to bring you uplifting and relevant insight. STAR TEMPLE ORACLE has been birthed to support your learning, creativity, awareness, and growth. Connect with the eternal knowing of the stars and let your intuition flow. Suzy Cherub has always been a stargazer and trailblazer. She is a psychic medium, author, speaker and intuitive coach. Awarded International Psychic of the Year: Australia in 2014, Suzy has helped thousands of people worldwide with her psychic insights and healing messages. Today, she uses her intuitive gifts to empower, teach and guide others to develop their own gifts and live a more attuned and conscious life. 44 cards & 104-page guidebook, packaged in a hardcover box."