THOR ljus

125 kr

6st ljus från smells like spells inspirerade utav den nordiska mytelogin(THOR). Denna har doft av pathouli, orientaliska kryddor och ambra. Den attraherar glädje, ger dig styrka och mod för att klara av de utmaningar du står inför. Dessa ljus är väldigt bra att använda sig utav när man vill boosta sitt självförtroende eller i karriär sammanhang. 

"Today career, luck and happiness are seen as a result of the person’s life-long learning, self-expression and work, while a successful career is achieved through an ability to combine work, free-time, family life and the feeling of satisfaction in one’s life choices. Our hand-made soy-wax tealight candles with the magical aroma of patchouli, oriental spices and ambergris might help you to:

  • Achieve your goals in a determined and purposeful manner;
  • Achieve abundance in all the areas and boost self-confidence;
  • Achieve luck in every step;
  • Complete the ongoing work successfully.

In Norse mythology Thor was the god of thunder, storms and fertility. Thor might help you in any battle, both in literal and metaphoric sense."