MIMIR ljus

125 kr

6st ljus från smells like spells inspirerade utav den nordiska mytelogin(MIMIR). Denna har doft av Sandalwood, opium och mint. Dessa ljus hjälper dig att få en klarhet, hitta lösningar och våga lita på din inre röst, din egna vishet. 

"We crafted these hand-made scented tealight candles with magical aroma for those of you who are constantly in a hurry, on the run, trying to reach something that sometimes might be unreachable. The aroma of tealight candles and a simple meditation/affirmation ritual might help to:

  • Keep clean thoughts and mind;
  • Find a solution in difficult situations, enlighten the mind;
  • Develop intuition, hear your inner voice;
  • Reach harmony with yourself and the world.

In Norse mythology Mímir was the guardian of the wisdom well. He was famous for his knowledge and insights. Even the chief god Odin desired to drink from Mímir’s well, therefore he traveled to the land of giants to gain powers of knowledge."